Sunday, October 28, 2007

Switzerland, part one

Just got back from Switzerland, where we had a gorgeous time except the last night, which may be the last I ever spend in a dorm room in a youth hostel! At least I learned some new insults in German. Anyone for dumb sow or dumb whore? It was a shame to learn these by being called them by a drunk at 2am, hence the possible future avoidance of such situations. For my next entry, expect stunning photos. Just have to get them put on a CD first.


itchy said...

'ello tuchfrau.

i hear you were home for a millisecond or so, i'm sorry i didn't manage to encounter you.

how did you find your return to melbs? notice that we turned the heat up especially for you?

you should blog about it, or something.


Nimmersatt said...

Hi Itchy,
Sorry I missed you too! I was hoping you would be at home during Cranky's birthday bash. You weren't avoiding it were you?
Blog about Melbourne? The dust is just settling in my head though!

Epponnee-Rae said...

ooo, shiny photos! please!