Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Okay NOW it's cold

I woke up this morning at 7.25 and didn't open the curtains as HF was asleep. It wasn't until I walked out the front door that I saw that outside, it looked like this

I yelled out to the sick HF "Hard Farmer, Hard Farmer", and she stood on the bed, and stuck her pyjamaed top half out of the window and said "Oh My God!"

I was running late, which usually means skip the bus and walk really fast, but there was too much crunching and sliding underfoot, so I caught the bus, sat on the top deck, and peered at the rooves of houses and cars

People had cleared their windscreens only, and left the thick layer of icing on top.

Even though I thought I might be late for work, I felt calm. NOT like me. All day I was accompanied by a sense of enchantment.

By lunchtime, all that was left were huge puddles and a few tiny hard chunks.
Walking home, it was as though nothing had happened.
But I know it had.


grot said...

beautiful, silk lady! wish i could see it live

I passionately love Ldn, but of course i've never lived there

(please excuse my very dominating picture - it is the one gtg set up for me - obviously has mother issues)

itchy fingers said...

so pretty!

when i was in London it only snowed very lightly a couple of times in the entire winter, but each time i would go running outside with the camera and then sit by window with my face pressed against the glass in wonder.

in melbourne weather news, it has been a lovely mid 20 degrees for the past several days, and promises to continue for the next several. makes one want to do nothing but have picnics in the Botannic Gardens.

Tuchfrau said...

HI Grot. Ah, that explains the picture. I thought you chose it yourself and just assumed it was YOUR sense of humour at play. I quite enjoyed that assumption!

Tuchfrau said...

Hi Itchy. I wanna picnic in the botanic gardens! Sounds lovely. Yes, it doesn't snow like that in London very often. Meri had never seen it.
x TF

grot said...

you can enjoy the thought that I did originally send that photo to gtg when i was playing with the camera on my new iMac

and also that I haven't sent her a replacement one of me in my pearls and twinset (which i seem to have mislaid somewhere)

Tuchfrau said...

Thanks grot, I will. Quite challenging to imagine you in pearls and twinset... If only you hadn't lost the photo.