Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Grotty winner

Grot has won, grot has won!
Archie is, in fact, ATTEMPTING the nerve test - he wants to be the first cockroach to survive the jump from one side of The
Nerve Test to the other, via the ledge in the middle. He is just off frame in this pic:

Big congratulations to Grot. It might be easiest if GTG hosts the next round?


grot said...

oh, oh, i don't know what to say. what an honour! oh, oh. giggle.

when i was first asked to join the game, i never for a moment thought that one day it would be me on the podium, chosen from the many

i'd like to thank tf for the airspace, gtg for the cockroaches, itchy for the idea, bbb for his encouragement, but most of all i'd like to thank god - she is always at my side, feelers waving

grot said...
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grot said...

for some reason, all my comments come up twice on yr blog, tf - probably because they are so fabulous

i'll just keep deleting the repeat - don't know what else to do, sorry

BBB said...

Bah humbug.
Um, I mean well played Grotty, the fabulous winner!!
Fantastic guesssing.

gtg said...

ha! that is fabulous! god as cockroach is hilar!

well done on th' guessing too.

Tuchfrau said...


It has been wonderful to have you all guessing away 'pon my 'umble blog. the honour is all mine.

Give my regards to the Godroach.


gtg said...

did you know, according to yr profile , you are from bulgaria?